Import Services

Armstrong Pet covers all major airports in Malaysia, providing a complete destination service.

Moving to Malaysia? Please be rest-assured that your pets will be pampered by us throughout their travels.

  1. Coordinate with you or your origin agent for advance preparations;
  2. Assistance with import permit application and quarantine reservation (if applicable);
  3. Customs clearance on arrival and transfer to quarantine (if applicable);
  4. Delivery to your home, veterinarian or boarding kennel.

1. Import Permit
2. Health record with valid microchip, rabies, and annual vaccines (Original)
3. Origin’s Government Health Certificates (Original)
4. Both manifest cargo / accompanied baggage arrivals are acceptable 


Requirement Due to Origin

Goverment Health Certificate within 7 days of export

Quarantine Requirements

No quarantine:
United Kingdom, Eire, Northern Ireland, New Zealand, Japan, Sweden, and Brunei

Australia – 10 days
Thailand – 14 days
Other countries – 7 days