Export Services

We can move your pets to door-to-door to most countries in the world.

International Pet Air Travel with ease at Armstrong Pet

We are up to date on the latest airline restrictions and your destination’s regulations, hence we can advise on the best routing and timing for your pets to travel smoothly.

requirements by countries

*contact us for other countries not listed

United States of America (except Hawaii)

New CDC guideline states dogs entering USA will require an import permit with a valid RNATT (Rabies Neutralising Antibody Titre Test) over 45 days, not require for cats.


Malaysia is currently a non-approved country to Australia. The best option for pets to travel from Malaysia to Australia is via Singapore or New Zealand. You will require a minimum 8 – 9 months to complete the process.

New Zealand

4 months advance preparations, a minimum of 10-days quarantine upon arrival in New Zealand.


Primary Rabies vaccination needs to be over 6 months to enter Singapore, a minimum of 30-days quarantine upon arrival in Singapore.

United Kingdom

Nipah testing within 10 days of travel, UK Health Certificate to be completed and advance booking at HARC (for London arrival).


Nipah testing within 10 days of travel, EU Health Certificate to be completed.


Primary and booster Rabies vaccines required, 6-months waiting period upon RNATT.


Delivery is possible to all major cities in China. Primary and booster Rabies vaccines required, no waiting period upon RNATT.

Hong Kong

Pets to Hong Kong will require a minimum 4-months quarantine. The current backlog of quarantine space is approx. 12 months. Alternatively, you can consider travel via Singapore (no quarantine in HK for pets from SG, pets will need to reside in Singapore for over 6 months to qualify).